Butterfly Tree-of-Life Charm Bracelet

Happy New Year! It is 2017 and we at MNYW are excited to share with you new one-of-a-kind products that we have made. :3

The Butterfly Tree-of-life Bracelet (BT-O-L) 1

When  was a child I loved everything about charmed bracelets. The idea that magic resided in each trinket amazed me, and I always wanted to create my own. This charm bracelet carries not only the magical ideas of my childhood, but also parts of it, as each piece is from a memory and a part of my history as a young woman. In that respect this is why I cannot possible re-create this piece as the pieces I took them from other broken necklaces and far away countries that I once travelled to.

The Butterfly Tree-of-life Bracelet (BT-O-L) 3

I remember buying this pendant from an old friend of mine. I really loved it dearlly for many years, but as time went on the tree-of-life for me gave wings and became something more of a bird of the sky, so my attachment to this amulet also grew weary. That was when I decided that I would give it a new home and a new purpose, in order to keep the tree of life growing, whether it is in my hands or another’s.

The Butterfly Tree-of-life Bracelet (BT-O-L) 2

At the back I realised that the previous owner scrapped something out, and I felt that it must be a tradition to leave a mark on the tree of life, so in faint streaks, I wrote the words “LIFE”, and it’s been there ever since.

The Butterfly Tree-of-life Bracelet (BT-O-L) 4

This pretty butterfly is made of metal and acrylic. It was previously a fixture in another bracelet, but after that bracelet came apart, I felt the need to preserve this bit. Years later  found myself using it in different creations, and finally I love how it works together with all the other elements of the bracelet, to create this lovely warm and smooth link in the chain.

The Butterfly Tree-of-life Bracelet (BT-O-L) 5

I have always had a deep fascination with hand made goods. Since I was little my mother spent a lot of time hand making and sewing a lot of our clothes. She loved to dress my older sister and I up like little princesses. I loved the feel of the long dresses and the bright colors and deep blues that she choose stayed with me for a long time. That it why when  saw this tiny trinket, I knew I had to include it because it truly reflects what it in my heart every time I create a new accessory or clothing item; it’s always made with love.

If you would like to purchase this item, do contact us via our facebook shop:

The Butterfly & Tree-of-life Bracelet




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