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The Story of Myneckyourwrist

Inspired by a tv show all about venturing out into the unknown and seeking out precious gems, Badriah & Ai, the creative minds behind MNYW, have always had an insatiable appetite for gem hunting. However they don’t just stop at precious jems, but also other curious objects such as unique acrylic beads, antique buttons, old steel nuts &  bolts (that are thoroughly cleaned and in good condition) and wooden features that they find along their way.

The love of Bead and Gem hunting began for Ai at the tender age of 5 years old when her mother first gave her a whole collection of antique beads and buttons. Her love for jewellery-making was greatly encouraged by her mother and supportive sisters and she has been creating unique one-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets since then for friends and family. After receiving a formal education in Western Painting at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Ai developed a great love for gold-leaf as she briefly studied the Japanese art form “kintsugi”. Ai loves to incorporate gold into each of her creations, whether it is the gold-leaf in the ridges of the beads she selects or the gold-plated chain she chooses to give that splash of Glamour to the overall piece.

MNYW will soon be opening up a gold-leaf repair section for others who may want to repair broken crockery or gemstones through the beautiful art of Kintsugi. Ai uses inexpensive tools in the place of traditional metal powder and laquer in order to offer an inexpensive option which creates the same sturdy and beautiful effect to repaired items.

Badriah’s inquisitive mind began creating friendship bands and rings during primary school, which slowly developed her young entrepreneurship skills when she found that she could sell her pieces to her classmates. This supered on her desire to create not only simple rubber band items but also art works as she later on pursued sculpture and ceramics at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts during her years of formal education as an art teacher. From there she discovered her love for all things metal, and has experimented with clean steel to create fascinating jewellery and accessories which has translated into the Industrial Style Series that is featured here on MNYW.



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