1) Q: Can I cancel my order once I have made a purchase?

A: If payment is received there is no cancelation of the order permitted. If payment is not received and you have no intention of paying, then you will need to email us  to inform us that you no longer wish to proceed with the purchase, and we will process the cancelation. If payment has not be received within 3 days of the purchase, we will automatically cancel the purchase and if you still wish to make purchase you will need to purchase the item again.

2) Q: What if I want to buy more items and have them shipped together, but I bought them at different times of the day with different transactions. 

A: We will try our best to spot any multiple orders made and will send all your purchases together, however to ensure that nothing is missed out, please email us  all the transaction numbers that you received after you made your purchases, so that we can track them all accordingly. Unfortunately if you purchase them a day or a week apart, the items will be shipped separately as all items are subject to the shipping schedule.