Black Button Ring


Smooth Black button set on a stainless steel ring holder. The ring band is adjustable for easy use and the piece is a one-of-a-kind that I recently made.

It’s now available on our facebook page:



18 carat gold painted candy ring

18 carat gold painted candy ring is set on a stainless steel ring band. I really enjoyed creating a gold-wing ring for the bazaar, and it got the most compliments, so here is our very first gold candy ring!

The base is made out of pink acrylic which shows at the base of the ring. I wanted some of the original acrylic candy to show through to add that extra element of color.

It’s not available for purchase on our facebook shop page. DM us there to purchase it:

Available for $25USD, shipping included



Artemis: The Necklace

Brief Description:

Gold-plated links on a gold-plated chain with beige wooden beads delicately looped through each golden link with delicate glass amber beads crowning the piece.

Materials: Gold- plated Chain | Gold-plated wire | Wooden Beads | Glass Beads



Rose Plugs { For Handphones }


Brief Description:

The Roses are made of hard acrylic while the plugs are made of softer flexable acylic for easy usage.

The roses come in 6 different shades, and these are being sold in groups of 6 colours.

Materials: Acrylic